Friday, January 14, 2011

Ultimate Warren Index!

This self published tome promises to be just that. Just ordered this from ebay. If it's half as good as the reviews, it should be well worth the 40 bucks! 700 freakin' pages! Only 300 copies printed. (Don't wait if you want one!)
  • Complete listings of all Warren publications, including full contents, full indicia information, and any relevant historical or background information.
  • A complete listing and description of all Warren-related merchandise.
  • A comprehensive list of publications that reprinted Warren material.
  • The first detailed, comprehensive list of foreign Warren reprint or related publications.
  • An extensive section devoted to books and magazines that included information about Warren Publishing.
  • Over 100 pages of appendixes, featuring writer, artist, and editor indexes for Warren titles; title indexes for both comics and movie-related magazines; feature indexes for the movie-related magazines ("You Axed For It," etc.); and a Warren chronology featuring issue pub dates, among other things.

Also added to the "Books" section (indexes).


  1. I've been debating whether or not I should order this myself!

  2. This book certainly isn't for everyone, but if you want one, I wouldn't wait till they're sold out! I have no idea if there are 200 left, or 10?

  3. Good find, Mike! And, Happy New Year!

  4. Got my copy today. I've just been flipping through, but it looks awesome! Incredible one stop collection of Warren info! I got #111/300, so there appears to be plenty left.

    If you're only interested in FM, you may be satisfied with FM Chronicles, but if you want more Warren, this may be the book for you!

  5. This blog gets a mention in GH, in the websites index. Thanks David!

  6. Cool web page... I have collected Horror since I was a small child and enjoyed looking at your posts.... Keep up the great work...
    From one monster fanatic to another.