Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cover Art Reference #2.5

Here's another one of those "What the heck movie is that from?" covers.

Famous Monsters of Filmland No. 45

What is this Ron Cobb cover from?

It's not from "House of Wax".

Could it be "Dr. Blood"?

Or maybe "The Projected Man"?

D. None of the above?

It's not from a movie, of course. It's Florida TV "Horror Host" John Burke in one of his many character make-ups (a cryptkeeper type character).

John hosted "Nightmare Theatre" on Channel 38 (WSUN-TV) in Tampa-St. Petersburg in the late '50s and into the '60s. His host character was called "The Outsider" (not shown).

There is a six page article on Burke ("Lurk Burke Lurk") in FM no. 19 which shows several of his character make-ups, including the one above. Fantastic Monsters no. 6 has a four page article on "The Outsider", also with several pics.

John Burke out of character.

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