Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"The Monster Times" Gallery


Here is the link to the TMT cover gallery.
The Monster Times

Still need the covers for Sp#2 with grey background and Sp#3 ("All Giant Monsters" posters).


  1. LOVED The Monster Times! The very first work I ever had published was on the letters page of #10, the EC Comics tribute issue!

  2. That was great, Joe! How often do you get to see something from the formative years of one of our best known artists!

    This me an idea for a post.

  3. Thanks, Scott! It was one of the best days of my life! LOL I'm a Universal Monsters nut to this day!

  4. OOPS! Dyslexia sets in! I meant 'Mike'! Typing too fast! LOL

  5. Joe Jusko said...
    OOPS! Dyslexia sets in! I meant 'Mike'!

    I get that all the time! LOL

    Notice my own "This (gives) me an idea for a post."

  6. I loved TMT! I find myself returning to them every now and again... great format and great fun!

  7. It was a great format when you were reading them, back then, not so great when collecting them, now. Oh to be able to go back and get a 2nd copy of each issue to bag and box for the future! :)

  8. When I was a kid I bought some issues of a newspaper like monster movie magazine.
    I have been trying to find out what it was and I think it reading this, that it was Monster Times.
    It was printed on newspaper stock, and unfolded like a regular newspaper.
    I think one of the ones I had, had Godzilla on the front.
    Please tell me this is it so I can quit driving myself crazy looking...LOL

  9. Absolutely correct, Sabre! If you click the link to the cover gallery (in this message, or in the sidebar), you'll see that Godzilla was featured on several covers of TMT.