Thursday, April 22, 2010

FM Varient Covers

Click on any of the FM #251 cover pics in the two previous posts for a larger view, or go to the FM website for super giant pics. From the website:

1. Primary Cover: Richard Corben – This will be available in all outlets that place orders through Diamond Comic Distributors — comics shops, book stores, etc. This is not currently available through our Online Store.
2. Incentive Cover: William Stout – This will be available at comics shops serviced by Diamond as an incentive cover, in a ratio of one copy to every 10 Primary Covers ordered. This is not currently available through our Online Store.
3. FM Online Exclusive Cover: Basil Gogos - This cover is available only through the FM Online Store. It will not be sold through Diamond.
4. Famous Monsters Convention Cover – This will be sold only at the FM Con in Indianapolis.

Good lord! I hope they don't do this every issue! I'll go broke! (At $12.99 a pop!)


  1. Hi,

    You have a online store, please point me to link.


  2. The text in yellow is quoted from the FM website, so it's their online store that is mentioned.