Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rarest Warrens pt. 1

Eerie No. 1

The Eerie "ashcan" edition of no. 1 (5 1/4" x 7 1/4" b/w cover, 24 pgs.) was put together, virtually overnite, to establish Warren's ownership of the title. (Myron Fass was, apparently, going to use the title on a mag, but was left with only the company name, Eerie Publications).

The issue was made up of stories and features from back numbers of Creepy and was dated Sep. 1965. Only 200 copies were printed and the mag was not officially distributed. Some Jack Davis art from Creepy no. 2 was used for the cover. Here are some sample pages:

Pg. 1

Pg. 2

Pg. 3

Pg. 10

Pg. 16

Pg. 23

I like how they used
the Shock Monster
as a substitute Cousin
Eerie, before he was

Pg. 24

In 1978, a bootleg edition of Eerie no. 1 was released into the fan market. Warren ran this ad which offered a $500.00 reward for the arrest of the perpetrators, but they were never caught.

From Creepy No. 81

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