Sunday, June 20, 2010

Aurora/FM Coupon

Aurora and FM had an ongoing relationship for many years and during the mid '60s this coupon could be found in the boxes of their monster models. It offered a free copy (i.e., random back issue) of FM if you sent in the coupon with 25¢ for shipping. Probably not a lot of these have survived, as they would have been used. These coupons have also been found in the SPP monster wallets.

From the Richard Olson collection.

Front and Back



  1. Mystery solved! I have been trying to remember how I got my free copy of FM back in the day. I do remember it taking FOREVER to get it. Maybe it was because I was on the West Coast? My copy was issue #28 with the Lugosi "Lost Souls" cover. It arrived in a manila envelope a bit beat up, but hey -- it was a free monster mag! Thanks for jogging my memory with the post!

  2. man, i missed a lot of posts, not sure how that happened, you got super-prolific or i lost a lot of time! anyway, fantabulous stuff!

  3. Thanks, prof.! I'll take it easy on you. :-D Besides, I don't wanna run out of stuff too soon!