Monday, June 21, 2010

Universal Weekly

Universal Weekly was a 32 pg publication sent to theater owners, keeping them informed of what's coming up from Universal Studios. One of the big titles for 1935 was, of course, The Bride of Frankenstein and there were, at least, two covers of UW (and some interior pages) featuring The Bride.

Feb. 23, 1935

March 2, 1935

April 6, 1935


  1. Wish I had a couple of boxes full of UW issues from the '30s! Trade mags often had some great ad art! Motion Picture Herald is another good one.

  2. Man, that April 6th 'poster' is just sensational.

  3. Wowo what a find, fantastic, these must be so rare, thanks for sharing.

  4. The two with the "Bride" covers sold for $300+ and the one with only interior art sold for $100+. Kind of expensive for just a few pages, which, I'm sure, is all the buyers were interested in.