Saturday, September 25, 2010

1 Year and Counting! (But Who's Counting.)

It's been just one year since the first post at Monster Magazines! If I'm lucky, there'll be enough interesting stuff to last another year? If not, it'll make a pretty good archive!

I'd like to thank Prof. Grewbeard, Mike C., John from MMW, Terry from UMA, Joe Jusko, Frederick, Cyberschizoid, Pretorius and all the other monster mag friends/fans/posters/visitors! Hope you have fun looking at all this stuff that most people would throw in the trash, if they found it in a box in their closet! LOL

I have something to post later in the day, so we'll see you then!


  1. Mucho Congrats, Mike Scott! Your Blog has been an inspiration. Your quality posts will be a legacy for Monsterologists to come!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Mike!
    You're building the monster mag archive to beat all of 'em.
    Wonderful stuff.

    KONG-rat-chew-lations, heh-heh-heh!

  3. FANGS-a-lot for everyTHING! you are the MAN(ster)! ok, i'll stop...

  4. Thanks, everyone, for the kind words and puns!

  5. Thanks for the BEAST Monster Mag blog ever!!!