Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rarest Warrens pt. 4

An Illustrated History Of
Heidi Saha
Warren Publishing Co.

This Warren mag only interests me (as I'm sure it does you) because it is one of the rarest Warrens. I'm also not terribly interested in the subject of the magazine, other than for the above same reason. (If you are more interested than I, you know where the Google is.) And lastly, I'm not especially interested in posting all 36 pages of this mag. If these thumbnails don't do it for you, go to my Photobucket album for a larger view.

The short version on this mag, is that Heidi was the daughter of sci-fi enthusiasts and friends of Forry Ackerman and enjoyed entering the costume contests at the sci-fi cons. The mag is mostly family photos of Heidi and photos of her in her con costumes. A short bio of Heidi written by Forry is full of his usual bad jokes and worst puns, some of which seem inappropriate, today. After wearing a Vampirella costume to a con, Warren returned the favor by publishing this magazine.

The mag had a print run of 500 and was only sold in the back issue pages. It is extremely rare and commands about 100 times what I'd be willing to pay for it.


  1. Man! I recall reading about this a number of times over the years, but now (thank you Mike) I can actually see it -- and I must say there seems to be much more than a little about it that I find wholly disturbing. It borders on lecherous, hahaha! Fascinating, rare, no doubt about it. But very, well... creepy!
    Great post, sir.

  2. Mike C.wrote: "But very, well... creepy!"

    Which is another reason why I didn't want to post the pages, here. Definitely different times in 1973.

  3. We're all jaded by the Jonbenet Ramsey-type news stories, but Heidi's Mom was another slightly twisted parent who tried to capitalize on their child's looks and talent. It also seemed like Forry had a kind've weird fascination for her which didn't stop him from looking either lecherous or ridiculous in pictures with her. There's something not quite at home here.

  4. though this might interest you-

  5. You can get a resin repro of those from Python Kits.

    BTW This would have been a perfect use of the "Shoutbox".

  6. I read up on Heidi a while back and apparently she lives quietly and refuses to discuss her cosplay fame. AS for FJA, no disrespect intended but he always DID like younger women. Even he admits that in his autobiography so...