Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cover Swipe #2

Men's magazine Knave, July 1959 (Loki Publishing Inc.) swipes it's cover model (Arlene Dahl?) from Monster Parade #1, Sep. 1958 (Magnum Publishing).


  1. that's Arlene Dahl? crazy! and i always assumed the swipe went the other way!...

  2. The prof. said "that's Arlene Dahl?"

    Well, that's what people seem to think and it does look like her in the face, but none of the pics of Dahl that I Googled up looked like anything like this one (if you know what I mean). You be the judge!

  3. Also, it was probably a stock shot (which makes it even less likely to be Dahl) and who knows how many times before MP and after Knave it was used?