Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sci-Fi Movie Mags

Although this site is about "monster mags", that went out of style when Star Wars and Starlog/Fangoria came along. The permanent galleries will still be reserved for those old style mags, but that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun posting a few covers, in this blog, of those sci-fi and horror (as apposed to "monster") mags from later years!

Here's one thing I just happened to have scanned, so let's get the ball rolling. This is Science Fiction Illustrated: 1977, from L/C Print Publications in 1977. You can see that it's mostly made up of  1976 movies (King Kong, Sinbad and Logan's Run), Star Wars having not yet been released. Anybody remember this one-shot?

Here's a further list of US and UK prozine titles, just from the late '70s!

(Anybody see posterbooks, anymore?)

Alien - Official Poster Magazine - 1-2
Battlestar Galactica - Official Poster Magazine - 1-4
The Black Hole - Official Poster Magazine
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - Official Poster Magazine (US & UK editions)
Close Encounders of the Third Kind - Official Poster Monthly - 1-3
Dawn of the Dead
Doc Savage (UK)
Dracula (1979) - Official Poster Magazine
The Island of Dr. Moreau - The Official Poster Magazine (UK)
Jaws - Souvenir Poster Magazine
King Kong (Sportscene)
King Kong - Official Poster Magazine (UK)
Magic- A Terrifying Love Story (Posterbook)
Movie Monsters - Giant Poster Book
Planet of the Apes (UK)
Six Million Dollar Man (UK)
SF Color Poster Book (Starlog/Future Poster Book Series) - 1-5
Star Trek - Giant Poster Book - 1-17
Star Wars - Official Poster Monthly - 1-18
Star Wars - Official Poster Magazine (UK) - ?? issues


CE3K - Official Collector's Magazine
Cinemagic (Starlog) - 1-37
Dracula (1979) - Official Movie Magazine
Dracula (1979) - Souvenir Issue Series
Fangoria 1-291
Fantastic Films - 1-46
Fantasy Film Journal - 1-2
Future (Life) - 1-31
Future Fantasy - 1-3
Incredible Science Fiction
Media Spotlight - 1-5
Outer Space (UK)
Questar - 1-13
Reel Fantasy
Science & Fantasy Film Classics - 1-4
Science Fiction Horror & Fantasy - 1-2
Science Fiction Illustrated
Sci-Fi Monthly - 1-8 (UK)
Screen Superstar Star Wars
Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger (UK)
Space Odysseys
Space Stars of Movies & TV (?)
Space Trek - 1-4
Space Wars - 1-12
Space Wars Heroes (?)
Starburst - 1-365 (UK)
Star Encounters - 1-3
Starlog - 1-374
Starforce (US Reliance)
Starforce (UK)
Star Trek - TMP
Starwarp - 1-7
Star Wars vs Alien


  1. i have a copy of Fantastic Films somewhere...

    you don't mean(Japanese)Fantasy Film Journal, do you?...

  2. I used to have all 46 issues of Fantastic Films, but sold most of them off, a few years back, in an effort to reduce the pile. Didn't work and I wish I had them back, but I'm not gonna recollect them.

    Fantasy Film Journal was a US mag from '77-'78. I'll have those in a future post.

  3. I've never seen that sci-fi illustrated! Cool!

    Many of the post Star Wars titles like Star Warp, Space Wars and the like, were by Myron Fass and his crew. These are the post-Eerie Publications "genre" mags that they put out. The mags are all really cheaply put together and probably cost very little to produce.

    And probably sold like hotcakes!

  4. Yes, there's always somebody trying to get a share of the market (whatever that market may be). It's surprising that a good number of the titles were well produced, written and edited! See next post for more examples.