Saturday, July 31, 2010

Captain Co. pt. 2

Famous Monsters, on a few occasions, lent it's name to some monster products. I'm not sure how much input Warren's company had in the creation of these items, other than the endorsement?

Issue #28 (1964) had the first appearance of the FM Speaks LP. The ad was obviously generated by AA Records.

Another great looking ad (from the mfg) for the ultra rare Famous Monsters Photo Printing Set. Love the box graphics and the happy kid who got one of these! Later ads showed the box contents, but I like this one best. From FM #35 (1965).


  1. i ordered the Famous Monsters Speak lp in '70 or '71 and the first copy i received arrived broken in two! i got a replacement of course but the whole situation probably took about 2 or 3 months to resolve itself, which was an eternity!...

  2. p.s. somehow that lp and a fool(me)was soon parted but i just got another copy of the AA Records version off of Ebay the other week, i had found the Wonderland version as well at some point, probably from a used record store.

  3. Congrats on the find! That cover art (in color) is some of the best monster art of the 1960s!

  4. This LP is great! One of the best monster records ever made. The cover is indeed awesome! When I was in grade school I came very close to cutting the cover up to make a monster scrapbook or something. Thank GAWD I held off!

  5. Brian D. Horrorwitz wrote: "The cover is indeed awesome!"

    So I thought I'd add the color cover to the post.