Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rarest Warrens pt. 3

After Hours No. 4
Jay Publishing Co., 1957
Publisher: James Warren

Warren's first venture into the publishing world was his Playboy knock-off After Hours (4 digest sized issues published in 1957). All issues of AH are rare (I believe #2 is the rarest), but the one most coveted by monster mag collectors is #4. Among the articles in this issue is the template for Famous Monsters of Filmland. Written by Forry Ackerman, Scream-O-Scope is Here! was a five page article on the current state of fantasy films, written in Forry's inimitable style. The mail was very favorable on the Ackerarticle, but this would be the last issue. After successfully defending himself on obscenity charges (it was an election year), AH folded and a new chapter in Warren's (and Ackerman's) life opened.


  1. wha?!? i never heard about the obsenity charges!...

  2. From the horse's mouth.