Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Last Exhibitors Book Art

I think I have just a few more of these that are worth posting, all from silent films.

A nice piece of monocromatic art for The Lost World.

First National Exhibitor Book 1926-1927.

C. B. DeMille (Paramount) bought the screen rights to The War of the Worlds in 1925. A couple of years later this piece of art promotes a screen version of the story that did not get made. Four years later, Para. bought the rights to Balmer & Wylie's When Worlds Collide. It would be two more decades before either movie got made (by Geo. Pal).

Paramount Exhibitor Books 1925-1928

UFA's Metropolis was released in the US by Paramount.

A portrait of Lon Chaney

Meanwhile back at Universal . . .

Chaney on the cover of Universal Weekly June 6, 1925.

Exhibitor Book ad for The Man Who Laughs.


  1. They're all gorgeous pieces... I'm really liking the Lost World and Chaney portrait especially. Where do you come up with this stuff?! Great as usual Mr. Mike!

  2. These are just fangtastic, Mike! Great historical finds!

  3. Mike C. said: "Where do you come up with this stuff?!"

    Mostly from Heritage and other auctions.

    I like the "Lost World" and Chaney portrait best, myself!