Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's A Tie !

I just wanted to tie the previous record number of posts in one month (20 in June), so here's the 3 issues of Creepy that reuse FM covers.

Creepy no. 20

Creepy no. 26

Creepy no. 47


  1. Hey, congrats on the tie, hahaha! Excellent stuff. I think I liked the Lee Dracula one better as the FM cover (with the rest of the painting around it) but it still kinda stinks even there. Something very rudimentary about it.

  2. I always liked the Cobb covers, but that one does look more like an early CoF cover.

  3. Exactly, it just seems sub-par for FM or Creepy (though they both had their share of not-so-hot covers over their respective runs). I still LIKE it, it's just not a real winner. No doubt about Cobb's excellent work.

  4. An hour and a half before midnight -- come on, one more post, Mike!

  5. Maybe on the west coast, but here it was an hour and a half past. :-)