Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Before FM pt. 1

An occasional look at a magazine cover, or artical (focusing on a fantasy film, or films) that predates the first monster mag.

First up,  LIFE  Magazine Nov. 11, 1957. "Ghastly Look Of A Film Fad". A two page article on the latest batch of "B" sci-fi/horror movies playing at your local drive-in. Click for the large pics.


  1. how awesome! just two years before i was born, too. i'd like to think i was conceived at a drive-in that was showing one of these type flicks, but i doubt it. still, it would explain a lot...

  2. Prof wrote: "just two years before i was born"

    And just three months before the first issue of FM hit the stands.

  3. MUCH more importantly, i'll admit!...

  4. Hilarious how they call these films "a fad". I guess they figured (or hoped) they would just go away. Fat chance!

  5. Phantom wrote: "Hilarious how they call these films "a fad"."

    The '50s was pretty big on fads! (Hula Hoops, 3D, tailfins on cars, etc.)