Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sons of Gogos

I've started a block of links for today's monster artists. I'll add to it, later. (Suggestions welcome.)

Don Marquez is an amazingly prolific artist, with over 200 movie monster portraits and scenes on his website. His work has appeared on covers of Mad Scientist magazine.

Scary Terry Beatty has done the cover art for practically every issue of Scary Monsters magazine! His website will tell you what else he does.

Vincent DiFate has been one of the top science fiction artists for decades and has done several covers (and written some great articles) for Filmfax and Outré magazines.
Everybody knows Frank Dietz for those great b/w movie monster caricatures and his "Sketchy Things" art books.

Daniel R. Horne is a very talented illustrator and sculptor who has lately been the cover artist for Monsters From The Vault.

One of Mike Bennett's favorite subjects is movie monsters and you can see several examples of his work on his website.

Amongst other things, Pete Von Sholly has done a series of faux Aurora box art for monster kits Aurora never made and this issue of Mad Scientist.

John Detrich is more a son of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, but he does some mean movie monster caricatures, as well.

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