Saturday, October 24, 2009

Monster Mag Ads

If you're like me, you probably went to the ads section of a newly purchased monster mag first, before reading any of the articles. (Heck, I still do it!) So, let's look at some of those cool old ads, every now and then, and the products they were selling.


After the Don Post monster mask ads, this is quite possibly the best remembered vintage monster mag ad. (It, or a variation of it, was also to be found in comic books of the day.) Novelties seller Honor House sold these iconic posters and fooled many kids into thinking they were going to get something a bit more "3D" (" life-like you'll probably find yourself talking to them.") than the flat posters they got. Monster collectors today see them for the classic '60s monster art that they are and will gladly pay 100+ times their original cost, when they can find them.

And here are the full color images of the Frankenstein and Dracula 6 ft. door posters.

There were several other 6 ft. monster poster, including the equally famous Jack Davis Frankenstein caricature and Zacherley and Vampirella posters.


  1. For years, I believed they were selling actual "Frankenstein Monsters". That's why the postage always mystified me.

  2. Something like Glenn Strange in the crate of excelsior, from "A&C Meet Frankenstein". Helluva deal for a buck and a quarter! LOL

  3. Mike, I don't suppose you know who the artist(s) for these two posters is do you?
    I notice the Frankenstein head from the poster provides your link to the Universal Monster Army forums.

  4. I wish I did know the artist(s) names for a lot of '60s monster collectibles art. Beyond the monster mag covers and Aurora kit boxes, most seem lost to history. Would love to know who painted the posters, the Hasbro Mystery Games and Paint-By-Numbers, the Castle Films boxes and many more!

    Are you a member of UMA? If you like classic monster movies and collectibles, it's a fun place!