Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gallery Update

Got some of the 1970s mag galleries up and fixed a major glich running throughout the galleries.
Monsters of the Movies
Monster Fantasy
Quasimodo's Monster Magazine
Monster Madness

And had to go all the way back to 1969 for this one, which wasn't featured on the old website.
Supernatural Horror Filming

And so your time wasn't totally wasted reading this update, how about a couple of pictures from the cover shoot for Famous Monsters of Filmland #1.

The photo used for the cover (top) and an alternate pose (bottom), featuring FM publisher James Warren, in a Don Post "Frankenstein" mask, with model Marion Moore.

Warren had just recently finished the four issue run of his men's magazine, After Hours, before he and Forry started putting together the first issue of FM and I always thought the cover of FM #1 looked like it would have been right at home as the cover of After Hours #5.