Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Captain Co. pt. 5

Full page ads for two of the 6' poster. I believe Warren published both of these posters. The Zach (a photo) for sure.

The Zacherley ad first appeared in issue #7 following a Zach article. (Zach was also on the cover.)

This classic Jack Davis Frankenstein ad was from issue #19, but it appeared in previous issues.


  1. "as a party gag, put one in the powder room - but don't tell anyone"! do we dare?!?...

  2. ". . or put it between someone's bed sheets." Hee Hee!

    Do you suppose anyone did anything with these posters other than hang them on the wall? LOL

    I've still got more of these, if y'all aren't tired of them yet?