Friday, August 6, 2010

Captain Co. pt. 8

Two related ads and a bit of a mystery.

Thanks to the Universal Monster Army for the color binder scans.

This is a great looking ad for one of the rarest '60s monster collectibles. The Hasbro paint-by-numbers set had some of the best box art of the decade. Hasbro later added sets of The Mummy, The Phantom and The Creature.

And now the mystery! Who made these monster binders? It's long been assumed that Standard Plastic Products made them, probably because they made a lot of binders (Beatles, MAD, etc.), but why are they using the Hasbro art? Were they actually made by Hasbro (who isn't known for making binders)? No markings on the binders identify the mfg. Here's the ad.

No, you can't "paint me just like this"! At least I couldn't.


  1. I had the Dracula paint-by-number. I was painting it one rainy day at my friend Doug's house and had most of it done. I was summoned home for dinner, so I put the painting back in the box and put the lid on top to "protect it" from the rain while I walked three doors to my house. When I got home and lifted the lid . . . the cover had come in contact with the painting and smeared all the paint around, making the picture one huge mess! After bawling my eyes out for a couple of minutes, in the trash it went!

  2. Why did you leave the box out in the rain?

  3. pertaining to the mystery- maybe Universal supplied the art to whoever had licensed the characters to manufacture whatever it was they happened to deal in. guess it wouldn't have worked for hula-hoops...

  4. prof. grewbeard wrote: ". . maybe Universal supplied the art to whoever had licensed the characters . ."

    It's possible, but I can't think of any other examples of that happening. All the other SPP binders say SPP on them and you'd think anything made by Hasbro would have their mark on it, but the binders have nothing.