Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ride "The Ghoul's Eye"

Issue no. 4 of Famous Monsters of Filmland had it's rare "Ghoul's Eye" sticker, only available on copies distributed in the greater Philadelphia area, promoting the new ride at the Willow Grove Amusement Park.

FM no. 4

The Willow Grove park went through a major renovation in 1959 and the old "Laff in the Dark" ride was refitted to become "The Ghoul's Eye" and so was born an FM rarity. And now, here it is, "The Ghoul's Eye"!


  1. Wonderful! LOVE the early dark rides, and had no idea about this little FM-Philly venture. Very cool.

  2. I think FM's only contribution to the venture was putting the stickers on the cover.

    I've been looking for a photo of the "Ghoul's Eye" for years! After seeing that sticker for so long, I just wanted to see what that ride looked like. Wish there were some close-ups, but at least it's somethin'!

  3. If you're afraid of mid-century modern amusement park design. (And clowns.)

  4. so they just stuck a(admittedly kool)"ghoul"(looks more like a "space alien") on top of the facade of a dark ride that looks more like a funhouse and called it "The Ghoul's Eye"? bit of a disappointment! they even painted over the klown's smile and added cranky eyebrows! even for budget ballyhoo that's running cheap! thanx anyway, though. it never even occured to me to look for an image of this ride.

  5. I don't know what those decorations under the canopy are, but the inside was tricked out with new "gags". One park goer remembers a witch stirring a cauldron, a flying bat that swooped down at the car and other motorized effects. They shoulda removed the clown, though.