Sunday, August 8, 2010

Captain Co. pt. 9

Down to the last two CC ads posts. I think most people's favorite CC ads were the Don Post mask ads, because it was the coolest monster product and few of us could afford them (or one), making them even more desirable.

This was the first color ad of the "calendar" masks, from the back cover of FM #33 (and #34). The later color ads used the calendar photos.

This, however, was my favorite DP ad. I think this ad only ever appeared in b/w. The masks just looked more "real" in b/w.


  1. I always loved the wolfman mask in the B&W ad, though even at eight years old I was convinced it would never look like that when I put it on.

  2. Know what you mean, Joe. It's the same with everything. It always looks better in the ad!

  3. Always! lol The curse of professional photos!

  4. At least they were rubber masks and not cardboard photos of masks with holes in the ears for a string!

    Always love your blog. My mags only go back as far as the early 70's, so I enjoy coming here for the older ones.

  5. Frederick wrote: "At least they were rubber masks . ."

    For 34 (1960s) dollars, they'd better be! lol

    "Always love your blog."

    Thanks, Frederick!