Saturday, October 16, 2010

Famous Monsters Series 1-16

The FM set (64 cards mfg by Rosan in 1963) was cheaply produced on thin card stock and suffered from poor centering. It can often be found in complete sets (as that's how they were sold) and individual cards sell for $2.50 - $3.50.

Thanks to Skeen for the Scans!

1. Konga
2. The (Angry) Red Planet
3. I Was A Teenage Frankenstein
4. (The) Amazing Colossal Man
5. Invasion of the Saucermen
6. Konga
7. Night of the Blood Beast
8. The Undead
9. Goliath and the Dragon
10. The Blood of Dracula
11. War of the Colossal Beast
12. The Blood of Dracula
13. Konga
14. Terror From (The) Year 5,000
15. Return of Saucerman (Invasion of the Saucermen)
16. (The) Headless Ghost


  1. I never noticed all the retouching on these when I had them as a kid.Thanks for posting these!

  2. Thanks for mentioning that, since I neglected to do so.

    Yes, that outlining of everything is annoying. About as bad as the card set where they replaced all the recognizable actor heads with the same 3 card co. staff heads.

  3. I remember these from my misspent youth. I thought they might be them. I collected a package to two. I also bought a few baseball/football cards, but the monster cards were the ones I like the best as I just don't care too much for sports. I'd look at the cards and wonder about the horrible movies. Of course most horror movies gave me horrible nightmares, but that was beside the point. It was just the thing a young kid wanted at the time. Something to take him out of the everyday, and stick him in some land of unreal wonder. I'm sure my mother hated these collectible as much as she hated my Universal monster model kits, and my Mad magazine collection. But they really struck a chord for me back then.