Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Famous Monsters Series 33-48

Ok, now the outlining is just getting annoying!

Scans by Skeen.

33. Invasion Of (The) Saucermen
34. How to Make a Monster
35. The Claw ?
36. The Werewolf and Frankenstein (How to Make a Monster)
37. Teenage Werewolf (How to Make a Monster)
38. Werewolf Meets Teenage Frankenstein (How to Make a Monster)
39. Invasion Of (The) Saucerman
40. Coffin of Terror ?
41. The She Creature
42. The Hook ?
43. (The) Unknown Terror
44. Horrors of the Black Museum
45. Circus of Horrors
46. (Prisoner Of) The Iron Mask
47. I Was a Teenage Frankenstein
48. (Prisoner Of) The Iron Mask


  1. The Hook? is this the guy that keeps leaving his hooks hooked on car handles in those scary put-up-a-tent-in-your-backyard stories where you stick a flashlight under your chin and try and freak out your little brother? if this is him, NOW i'm impressed! OWWW!!!...

  2. P.S. i'm guessing that "Coffin Of Terror" is actually The Premature Burial and "The Claw" is Attack Of The Puppet People...

  3. Don't know what movie "The Hook" is, but I'm surprised nobody ever made a movie of the urban legend.

    I was thinking "The Claw" looked like "Puppet People", too. "Coffin" could be PB, but I'm thinking it might be "The Undead".