Tuesday, October 19, 2010

FM #70

Word is that these retro issues (#70-79, published irregularly) will be full on reproductions of vintage FMs, including pulp paper, Forry puns and retro film articles, news, etc. Hopefully, the later covers will be a little more retro than the first one.

FM No. 70
Cover Art by Jeff Preston


  1. Sounds like we're in for a bit of nostalgia, including the occasional lousy and uninspiring cover art that FM was famous for.

  2. The art is terrific (as all of Jeff Preston's stuff is), but it doesn't say '60s FM, to me.

  3. No, they need a Basil Gogos-style cover. Then it would look retro.

  4. Actually, Basil was out of the loop at the time of the (OK, imaginary, but) FM #70s. He did more than a doz. paintings for Warren in '69 and '70 (some of which were used on 1971 issues), but didn't return until #99 in 1973.