Saturday, October 23, 2010

Famous Monsters Series 49-64

Several cards used photos from FM make-up contests. I'm sure a lot of people have wondered what movies those photos are from. (There are several question marks on these cards as it is!)

Scans by Skeen.

49. The Snake Pit (FM Make-Up Contest)
50. Reptilicus
51. Circus of Horrors
52. The Sea Monster (The Hideous Sun Demon)
53. Dracula's Daughter (The Raven - 1963)
54. The Ghost (FM Make-Up Contest)
55. (War Of) The Colossal Beast
56. Konga
57. The Corrugated Brute (FM Make-Up Contest)
58. Invasion of (the Star) Creatures
59. (Invasion of the) Star Creatures
60. The Yelloe Serpent (Tales of Terror)
61. The Devil's Doll (Bob Burns Make-Up)
62. The Beastly Horror (Attack of the Puppet People)
63. Haunted Fear (FM Make-Up Contest)
64. Horrors of the Black Museum



  1. Thanks so much for posting these! I'll never be able to afford them but now I can enjoy them all the same! Awfulsome indeed!

  2. Did you notice? No "artistic retouching" this time.

  3. good artistic retouching, that is! i think the "Yelloe Serpant" is the last stage of Vincent Price's deathly decay in that AIPoe movie he made with Basil Rathbone, Tales Of Terror. of course, "Yelloe Serpant" also means "Old Yellow Syrup-Pan" in Turkish...

    the "Corrugated Brute"?...

  4. prof. grewbeard wrote: "I think the "Yelloe Serpant" is . . . Tales Of Terror.

    So it is! Good eye! Looking at it horizontally helps.