Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Marvel Monster Mag Miscellany pt.8

Monsters Unleashed
Publisher: Stan Lee
Editor: Roy Thomas

Monsters Unleashed no. 8. Swamp Monsters! And the last issue of MU to feature film related content.

Cover by Earl Norem

Let's finish this off with the remaining MU covers. If there is enough interest in this subject, we can do the same thing with another Marvel title in the future.

No. 9
Cover by Earl Norem
No. 10
Cover by Jose Antonio Domingo
No. 11
Cover by Frank Brunner

Annual No. 1
Cover by Ken Bald


  1. *Love* those old Earl Norem covers. Definitely one of the last of the "old school" illustrators from the pulp days.

  2. Mike said: "*Love* those old Earl Norem covers."

    He was one of the greats!