Monday, October 18, 2010

Famous Monsters Series 17-32

More of those anoying outlines!

Thanks to Skeen for the scans! (Or is it "Scan for the skeens"?)

17. Goliath and the Barbarians
18. Konga
19. Goliath and the Dragon
20. Circus of Horrors (Goliath and the Dragon)
21. Educated Skeleton (?)
22. The Melting Head (FM Make-Up Contest)
23. The Head Shrinker (?)
24. The Giant Lizard (?)
25. (I Was A) Teenage Frankenstein
26. Cruel Terror (The Mask)
27. How to Make a Monster
28. Creation of Frankenstein (I Was A Teenage Frankenstein)
29. Goliath and the Dragon
30. The Blood of Dracula
31. The Voo Doo Man (?)
32. The Devil's Curse (?)


  1. These are just horrendous... therefore I am loving this series of posts! The cheapitude on display (from subject matter to execution) is just awesome!

  2. Mike C. said: "These are just horrendous"

    No, they're "awfulsome". Haven't you been paying attention?

  3. BTW, does anybody know what the "?" marked films are?